Experience Hoover Dam


The historic Hoover Dam is one of those things that just needs to be experienced.  Built during the Great Depression, built on time and under budget and set the standard for how mega structures would be built in the future.  The architecture is modern beyond its time. The machinery and technology used to plan, construct and operate the massive structure was cutting edge for its time and some of it still is.

Built in the middle of nowhere, everyone thought it couldn’t be built, yet there it stands, 82 years later. Operating better than almost any structure built since.  The legacy it left behind, the people that it influenced and the progress it brought to the American Southwest is still being felt today.

To get to Hoover Dam, you leave one of the most unique cities int he world. Las Vegas is the poster child for a city of the modern era.  Electronic, growing and filled with people and concrete.  You leave all that chaos and madness to travel out to one of the moat unique small towns in Nevada, Boulder City.  It still has that small town, mid american feel to it with a population of only 16,000 people and no gambling.  Then its out to the Black Canyon.  In the narrowest part of the canyon that is surrounded by some of the toughest rock known to man to see a structure that conquered it all.

If there ever was a symbol of American greatness and our determination to succeed against all odds, Hoover Dam is it!!

With this Hoover Dam Tour, you have a choice between a Morning tour or an afternoon tour

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