Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Grand Canyon West Tours

The Grand Canyon West.  Home to the Hualapai Indians and the fabulous Skywalk!  You can’t get any closer to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and can’t see it this raw and natural anywhere else!

After Leaving Las Vegas and driving over the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, our small group tour takes you through 21 miles of one of the world’s largest and oldest Joshua Tree forests. As you wind through a vast desert on your way to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, you’re able to take in views of high cliffs and rugged canyon walls – the perfect West Rim Adventure!

Arrive at the West Rim, the Hualapai Indian Tribe will show you a part of the Canyon that has been virtually undisturbed by modern times. You’ll have 3-4 full hours to explore the West Rim.   Make sure your camera is fully charged and ready for the sensational views of Guano Point and Eagle Point, and keep an eye out for the many birds of prey and land animals as well.

  • Upgrade for a chance to experience the one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon Skywalk!
  • Descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a unique experience with a helicopter upgrade
  • Tour includes lunch and free bottled water as well as photo stop at the Hoover Dam overlook.

Detours of Nevada is our preferred tour operator. Detours offers our readers a 10% discount on their small group tours to Grand Canyon West.  (Promo Code: TVT) – Small group means you are traveling in a luxury custom vehicle with fewer than 12 people.  Meaning less time waiting at stops as well as allowing you more interaction with your friendly and very knowledgeable tour guide.

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